ouija board stories

Ouija Board Stories

Ouija Board Stories

So I stumbled across this website/blog that is full of Ouija board stories.  Some of them are a little hard to believe but certainly great stories and lots of fun to read.


One storyteller talks of a late night party where someone brought a Ouija board. They asked it questions repeatedly and got no answers. Later, one girl screamed and when the others came running she said she saw herself walk across the floor and had a scratch on one of her arms.

The group tried the Ouija board again and asked who was there. The board replied “Death.” Next, all sorts of supernatural activity took place such as items being thrown around the room, all the doors locked, one girl was dragged across the ceiling.

When the door finally opened, all of the girls ran out but the door shut again locking one of the girls inside. The others heard her scream and enlisted a neighbor’s help to break down the door. They found their friend unconscious and she was never able to speak again. To this day, according to the author of that story, the girl still is unable to speak and is in an insane asylum.

Whether that one is true or not, it’s still some scary stuff!  Check out the actual story here:  A Mistake Which Changed My Life


Another story, which appears on the same website, describes an event that occurred when a person tried using the Ouija board by themselves. (Please forgive the use of “they,” “their,” and “them” but I don’t know if the author is male or female)

The person talks about how the planchette didn’t really spell anything definitive so they gave up.  But, later when they were trying to look up information on their phone, they kept dropping it.  This was apparently out of character for this person.

Then, this person went into the bathroom and suddenly felt as though they had been punched in the face. Also, according to the author, the phone was “undeniably” slapped out of their hands.

Yikes!  See the full story here:  I Played With the Ouija Board Myself A Lot


Okay, this is the last of the Ouija board stories that I’m going to relay for now because they’re just too dang scary and I’m sitting here writing this all alone!

This author says she is from Canada. She and some friends went to a cottage owned by one friend’s parents. They were allowed to go alone because the friend was 18.

They took out the Ouija board late that night and began communicating with a spirit that said his name was Nath and he had committed suicide. When asked if he was a good spirit or bad spirit, there was no response. They tried other questions and no response.

A while later they tried again. This time when they asked if someone was there, it replied “Death.” After the spirit admitted to being evil they asked it to prove it. Suddenly the lights went out and one friend named Alex, screamed. When the lights came back up, Alex had a huge scratch down his arm.

Needless to say, the group was really scared. So they said Good-bye and stopped playing. In the morning Alex was having seizures and needed to b taken to the hospital. His scratch was also still bleeding according to the author.

The author had nightmares about Alex screaming “Death” over and over again. She then woke up with scratches down her wall. Her other friend woke up with scratches on both his legs and his cat that had been dead and buried for two weeks was in his bed.

As though all of this wasn’t bad enough, Alex passed away from a seizure that night while screaming “Death!”

The author claims that Alex’s parents blame her and her other friend for Alex’s death.  That’s sad. You can read the rest of the story here:  Why Did I Not Listen

I will add more Ouija board stories of games gone wrong soon!

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